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MOUSTICIDE™ Rice Husk at Philippines

The program covered 5 areas in Pinagbuhatan adding up to a total of 12.1 hectares with a population of 6,505 people.

Mosquito breeding areas included open canals, drainages, swamps and other water-collecting items found within household compounds such as flower pots

Program conducted in collaboration with Pasig City Health Office and Homeowners’ Association

Mousticide RH and WP applied on April 19th,2011.

Dengue cases reduced to zero for the 5 areas treated with MOUSTICIDE.

Untreated neighbouring areas continued to record dengue cases throughout the monitoring period.

MOUSTICIDE™ Rice Husk at Ghana

The Noble hospital saw on average 220 malaria patients per month of a 900 workforce in 2010 representing 2,640 man productivity loss per year.

Noble Mineral Resources implemented Integrated Malaria Management (IMM) program targeting mine areas and 23 surrounding communities in an approximately 100 hectares area with 30,000 population.

2 larviciding treatments using Mousticide RH and Mousticide WP were done covering breeding grounds such as old tyre dumping grounds, ponds and other breeding areas

Malaria prevalence rate was reduced by 40% in 12 months

88% of interviewees reported improvement in mosquito density.

MOUSTICIDE™ Rice Husk at Myanmar

Entogenex Industries Sdn Bhd in collaboration with ZMH Group, is currently conducting a field-trial to control the spread of dengue and malaria in Myanmar using MOUSTICIDE Biolarvicide. The objectives are to introduce larviciding to the local community and subsequently monitor the reduction of mosquito-borne diseases.

The trial is being conducted at 7th ward New Othar Township, Bago Devision, with assistance provided by locals from the monastery and temple of Kyike Paw Zay Ti Taw. The 75-day trial is commenced on October 18th, 2014 and will run until January 15th, 2015.

The Project comprises three controlled phases of larviciding, the first of which was conducted from the 26th until the 29th of October, 2014, and involved the application of MOUSTICIDE RH Rice Husk) and MOUSTICIDE WP (Wettable Powder) to potential mosquito breeding sites within the trial area.

The second phase (November 15th – November 17th) alternatively focused on concentrated distribution and application of MOUSTICIDE RH in and around community homesteads.

Following the execution of all three application phases, a survey involving all households as well as the local temple, monastery and school will be conducted. The survey will assess the prevalence of mosquito-borne disease before and after the trial, measuring the efficacy of MOUSTICIDE implementation in reducing Dengue. EntoGenex and ZMH are confident that this field-trial will have a positive social impact by reducing the burden of dengue and malaria in the local community.

Komuniti Bebas Denggi

In 2015, EntoGenex achieved great success in our Flagship Programme with the Malaysian Science, Technology and Innovation Ministry (MOSTI). We were chosen as the Technology Partner on account of our superior technologies which were researched and developed in the US and scaled-up under the auspices of MOSTI. The goal of this US$10 million project was to innovate a holistic system to control dengue outbreaks in Malaysia and subsequently export the system on a government-to-government basis to other countries afflicted by mosquito borne diseases.

In June 2015, a pilot study of the system was rolled out through the community outreach programme Komuniti Bebas Denggi (KBD) i.e. “Dengue Free Community”. In 13 dengue hotspot sites in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor and Johor, KBD directly interacted with 19,188 homes with an estimated population of 75,197 people and reduced dengue morbidity (cases) by an average of 54.7% over a 3 month implementation period.

ORIGIN Exterminators

ORIGIN Exterminators are one of Singapore’s leading pest controllers having been in the business for 23 years. Dedicated to providing the ‘best fit’ for their clients, Origin is committed to “utilizing the latest science and technology available in the pest management industry.”

Since April 2014, ORIGIN have implemented MOUSTICIDEtm WP (Wettable Powder) in their fight against mosquitoes and dengue. ORIGIN used MOUSTICIDEtm in some of Singapore’s most iconic destinations, including:

• Singapore Zoological Gardens
• Night Safari
• River Safari
• Jurong Bird Park
• Gardens by the Bay
• Resorts World Sentosa

The above locations present the significant challenge of ensuring the resident flora and fauna are preserved and enhanced. Conventional mosquito control methods damage biodiversity and are not suited for use in these demanding environments. MOUSTICIDEtm WP however, meets the highest standards of safety and efficacy because it is non-toxic to non-target organisms and maintains 100% mortality for more than 30 days. MOUSTICIDEtm WP also exceeds Singapore’s stringent safety requirements, with its active ingredient TMOFtm being deemed so safe it was exempted from NEA (National Environmental Agency) regulation.

ORIGIN applies MOUSTICIDEtm WP using Backpack Misters (Cifarelli) and Vehicle Mounted UD15’s. When the treatment area is calculated in square metres, it allows the ORIGINators (ORIGIN ground staff) to predetermine the exact MOUSTICIDEtm WP quantity per client.

When asked about the success of MOUSTICIDEtm in ORIGIN’s operations and its acceptance in Singapore, Carl Baptista (ORIGIN Director & Head of Research and Development) stated:

“To answer your question simply, the product has not given us any negative feedback and the transition has been smooth overall. MOUSTICIDEtm has given us the ability to offer our customers a next generation product which is environmentally safe and satisfies all my clients’ expectations.”

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