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“Alleviating Pestilence for Humankind through the Prudent Use of Science and Biotechnology”
Y.A.M. Tunku Naquiyuddin ibni Tuanku Ja’afar
Chairman, EntoGenex Industries Sdn Bhd – 2008

Keeping the vision of our Chairman in mind, the company’s mission is to leverage on our outstanding technology and human capital strengths to become a global “One-Stop” solutions provider for mosquito control, with particular emphasis on arresting the global Dengue, Zika and Malaria scourges.

“ 通过谨慎使用的科学与生物科技去减轻人类面对的瘟疫”
EntoGenex企业主席-2008 年

秉承董事长的理念,公司的使命是充分利用我们优秀的技术和人力资源优势,成为全球“一站式” 供应商,提供防治蚊患解决方案,并且特别侧重于抑制全球登革热、寨卡和疟疾祸害。

EntoGenex believes that diseases like dengue are a social issue as much as they are a health issue, and that the success of even the most effective of technologies are restricted by the corresponding level of community engagement.

As such we have developed a revolutionary and holistic approach in fighting such diseases, encapsulated by a methodology known as REAP

REDUCE incidences of mosquito borne diseases by eradicating the problem at the source through effective biolarviciding

EDUCATE the public to inform and empower them with the knowledge required to eradicate mosquito borne diseases.

ACTIVATE the local community by engaging families and stakeholders to proactively participate in fighting the disease.

PREVENT mosquito borne disease through measures that ensure communities are protected sustainably.

In Malaysia, the REAP philosophy has been implemented in a National Programme to Fight Dengue. The collaborative agenda is directed by MOSTI and supported by the Ministry of Health and Local Government Authorities.

Through the usage of this methodology, Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation’s Komuniti Bebas Denggi Program has managed to reduce dengue cases in treated hotspots by an average of 54.7 percent over a 3 month implementation period.




REDUCE – 减少: 通过有效的生物幼虫杀虫剂,从根源上消除问题,减少蚊虫传播疾病的发生。

EDUCATE – 教育公众告知和赋予他们消灭蚊虫传播疾病所需的知识。

ACTIVATE – 启动当地社区的家庭和各利益方积极参与防治疾病。

PREVENT – 预防: 确保社区得到可持续保护的措施,预防蚊虫传播疾病。


通过使用这种方法,马来西亚科学、技术和创新部的Komuniti Bebas Denggi(社区摆脱登革热)计划在3个月的实施期内,将经过处治的热点地区的登革热病例平均减少了54.7%。

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