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Here’s What Happens Inside You When a Mosquito Bites – Interesting Reads

Monday, 15 Aug 2016 / Admins / In Uncategorized

Looks like there is no slowdown on Zika and Dengue related news.

Mosquitoes however are very fascinating creatures. Here are some articles from around the web on the side of mosquitoes that we rarely see.

Have you ever wondered how female mosquitoes feed? Back in 2013,  Valerie Choumet and her colleagues from the Pasteur Institute in Paris, recorded a video of malarial mosquitoes bit a flap of skin on an anaesthetised mouse. The resulting video is really fascinating.

One of the big questions back in the 80s was if Aedes Mosquitoes can transmit dengue, is it possible that these mosquitoes could also possibly transmit the HIV virus? Here is the reasons why the mosquito can’t transmit the virus.

There has been tests with genetically modified mosquitoes around the world, including in Malaysia. These male mosquitoes, released into the mosquito population will render their offspring to never be viable to reach adulthood. But what could go wrong? The following article will discusses this topic.


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